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How User Authorization to Nodes Is Established

Installation passwords can be used to set up authorizations for Ingres Star access, as discussed in Installation Passwords.

You can make authorization entries in the netutil or ingnet utilities for Ingres Star access.

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Installation Passwords

Installation passwords enable Net access between client and server without requiring each user to make a remote authorization. Additionally, installation passwords release Ingres Star clients from having to provide both local authorization (that is, authorization to the Ingres Star node) and remote authorizations to each remote node of a distributed database.

To use installation passwords, the system administrator gives a password to an Ingres server installation and enters the installation password on each trusted client. This then allows all users on the trusted clients to access the server installation without each having to provide a separate remote private authorization to the server.

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How Installation Passwords Are Set Up

Installation passwords are set and entered with the netutil or ingnet utilities. To set a server's installation password, the system administrator uses the special username "*" for the server's local vnode. On each trusted client, the system administrator enters the installation password to the server's vnode, again using the special username "*". This enables client access to the server. There must also be a connection data entry at the trusted client pointing to the remote installation.

Here is an example of setting and entering an installation password. (This example uses netutil commands; alternatively, forms-based settings can be used.)

Nodes london and hongkong define hk_password as *'s installation password:

In this command, the first hongkong specifies the vnode to which the connection is being made. The second hongkong specifies the node name or network address.

Users on london now have Net access to hongkong without having to define a private remote authorization.

For full details on using netutil for installation passwords, see the System Administrator Guide.

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