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Modifying Catalogs Using sysmod

The sysmod command is an Ingres utility to modify system catalogs to predetermined storage structures. Running sysmod can improve performance by reducing system catalog overflow pages caused by a lot of DDL activity. Only the DBA or the system administrator can run sysmod.

You may use sysmod on a distributed database. You can specify particular Ingres Star catalogs as sysmod targets, or default to modifying all system catalogs.

For flags and full syntax details of the sysmod command, see the Command Reference Guide.

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Example: sysmod

As the database administrator, you modify all system catalogs in distributed database mystardb. (This is the most common usage of sysmod.) Note that you do not use the /star suffix on the distributed database name:

sysmod mystardb

As the database administrator, you modify the Ingres Star catalogs iidbcapabilities, iiddb_tree, and iiddb_objects in distributed database herstardb:

sysmod herstardb iidbcapabilities iiddb_tree iiddb_objects

As the database administrator, you modify just the catalogs for the Vision product on database mystardb:

sysmod mystar -f vision

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