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Distributed Database Contents Frame

To see all the objects in your distributed database, choose the ListObj operation from the Node Status and Local Database Types frame. The Distributed Database Contents frame is displayed:

All the tables, views and indexes in your distributed database are listed by name, owner and type of object.

Registered indexes will have a name determined by Ingres Star at registration time of the form:


For example:

Object Name

Object Owner

Object Type




Note: Ingres Star does not retain any index names created when the index was created in the local database.

You can restrict the objects displayed in this frame by choosing the Criteria menu item. The criteria that control the Distributed Database Contents frame are described below:

When you choose the ListObj operation the first time, the following default criteria for the display of the objects in the distributed database are set:



Show Views


Show Tables


Show System Catalogs


By changing these values, you can restrict or extend the display of the objects in your distributed database. For example, by setting Show Tables to n, no tables are displayed.

To change the defaults, you must select the Criteria operation. A pop-up window is displayed on the DDB Contents frame within which you can amend the criteria fields. For details, see The Criteria Operation.

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DDB Contents Frame Operations

The Distributed Database Contents frame includes the following operations:

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