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The Remove Operation

You can delete registrations from your distributed database using the Remove operation.

Removing the registration of a table removes the registered table name from the distributed database. It does not remove the underlying table or its data from the local database.

Removing the registration of a local view removes the registered view name from the distributed database. The underlying view, tables and data are not affected.

You may not delete a local table or a local or distributed view displayed in the list of objects in the distributed database. To delete the actual table or view, you must exit StarView and use the drop statement.

You may not use the Remove operation against an index or a distributed view.

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Remove a Registration

To remove a registration from your distributed database:

  1. From the Node Status and Local Database Types frame, choose ListObj from the menu.

    The Distributed Database Contents frame is displayed.

  2. Move the cursor to the registered table or view you wish to remove.

    The object is highlighted.

  3. Choose Remove from the menu.

    The table or view is removed from the distributed database.

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