Introducing Ingres Star
Ingres Star
Query Languages
Installation Considerations
Setup for Remote Database Access
Command Syntax for Accessing a Distributed Database
Examples: Accessing Distributed Databases
Understanding Ingres Star Architecture
Distributed Database
Creation of a Distributed Database
Registration of Distributed Database Tables
Population of the Distributed Database
Object Types
Ingres Star Components
System Architecture
Configuration Access Examples
Example: Single Node Configuration
Example: Two Node Configuration
Example: Three Node Configuration
Distributed Transactions
Two-Phase Commit
When Two-Phase Commit Is Not Used
Simulated Two-Phase Commit
StarView Utility
Query Optimizer
Preparing to Install Ingres Star
Installation Requirements
Installation Prompts for Ingres Star
Star Server Startup
Operating System Requirements
How User Authorization to Nodes Is Established
Installation Passwords
How Installation Passwords Are Set Up
User Authorization Using Netutil and Ingnet
Global and Private Authorizations
Group Accounts
Private Accounts
How User Authorization to the Local Node Is Established
Authorization in Netutil and Inget for Recovery
Authorization Examples
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Maintaining a Distributed Database
Distributed Database Maintenance Tasks
VDBA and Distributed Database Maintenance
Commands for Performing Distributed Database Maintenance
Statements for Performing Distributed Database Maintenance
Naming Conventions
Database Naming Restrictions
Sizing Attributes
Server Class
Installation Options
Naming Registration Examples
Example: Default DDB and ISO-Compliant LDB
Example: Mixed-Case Names
Example: DDB with Mixed-Case Delimited Identifiers
Createdb Command
Examples: Createdb
Destroydb Command
Example: Destroydb
Register as Link StatementóDefine Database Objects to Ingres Star
Register Table as Link StatementóDefine Table to Ingres Star
Examples: Register Table as Link
Register View as Link StatementóDefine View to Ingres Star
Example: Register View as Link
Register Procedure as Link StatementóDefine Procedure to Ingres Star
Examples: Register Procedure as Link
Catalogs for the Register Statement
Execute Immediate Statement--Execute Register as Link Statement Dynamically
Register as Link with Refresh StatementóRefresh Registration
Register as Link with Refresh Restrictions
Effects of Register as Link with Refresh
Example: Register as Link with Refresh
Using Register with Enterprise Access Products
Remove StatementóRemove Registration
Remove Table Statement
Example: Remove Table
Remove View Statement
Example: Remove View
Remove Procedure Statement
Example: Remove Procedure
Create Statement
Create Table Statement
Create Table With Syntax
Create Table as Subselect With Syntax
Create Table Syntax Elements
LDB With Clauses
Examples: Create Table
Create View Statement
Create View Syntax
Drop Statement
Drop Table Statement
Example: Drop Table
Drop View Statement
Table Registration Using StarView
DDL Concurrency Mode
Using a Distributed Database
Connecting Directly to a Local Database
Direct Connect Statement
Direct Connect Syntax
Direct Disconnect Statement
Direct Disconnect Syntax
Example: Direct Connect and Direct Disconnect
Direct Execute Immediate Statement
Example: Direct Execute Immediate
Direct Execute Immediate Statement Process
Illegal Direct Execute Immediate Statements
Avoiding Execute Errors During Two-Phase Commit
Direct Connect and Direct Execute Immediate Compared
Unloading and Reloading a Database
Example: Unloaddb
Copying Objects Using copydb
Example: Copydb
Modifying Catalogs Using sysmod
Example: sysmod
Updating Catalog Information Using verifydb
Examples: verifydb
Rolling Back Transactions
dbmsinfo( ) FunctionóRequest Information from a Database
help register StatementóGet Help with Objects
Managing a Distributed Database with StarView
StarView Capablilties
Moving Around in StarView
Operations Menus
Long Operations Menus
Moving Between Operations Menus
Options for Selecting an Operation
Select an Operation by Function Key
Select an Operation by Name
Context-sensitive Help
Error Messages
Start StarView
StarView Menu Map
The DDB Contents Map
The StarView Main Frame
Select a Distributed Database
Select a Distributed Database from a List
Select a Distributed Database by Entering a Name
Node Status and Local Database Types Frame
ListObj Operation
LDBAttr Operation
SQL Operation
Tables Operation
TestNode Operation
TestLDB Operation
TestNode versus TestLDB
Distributed Database Contents Frame
DDB Contents Frame Operations
The ObjAttr Operation
The Browse Operation
The Remove Operation
Remove a Registration
The Criteria Operation
The NodeHelp Operation
The LDBHelp Operation
The OwnerHelp Operation
Register Tables with StarView
Register Tables in a Distributed Database
Register Other Database Objects
Understanding Ingres Star Catalogs
Ingres Star Catalogs
iidbdb Catalogs
The iidatabase Catalog
The iistar_cdbs Catalog
The iistar_cdbinfo Catalog
The iiddb_netcost Catalog
Example: Net_cost
Standard Catalogs
System Catalogs
Mapping Ingres Star Objects
Registered Names and Related Catalogs
Tables and Related Catalogs
Index Mapping
Table and Column Mapping
Physical Information and Statistics Mapping
Local Tables Index Information
Views and Related Catalogs
Registered Procedures and Related Catalogs
Release Compatibility
Utilities for Updating a Release 6.4 Star Database
Ingres Star and Upgradedb
Upgradedb CommandóUpdate a Distributed Database
Examples: Upgradedb
Ingres Star and Upgradefe
Upgradefe CommandóUpdate Tools Catalogs
Examples: Upgradefe
How You Determine Local and Remote RDBMS Server Releases
SQL Statement Summary
Statements Supported by Ingres Star
Begin Declare Section
Create Link
Create Table
Create View
Cursor Statements
Declare Table
Direct Connect
Direct Disconnect
Direct Execute Immediate
Drop Link
Drop Table
Drop View
Dynamic SQL
End Declare Section
Execute Immediate
Execute Procedure
Register As Link
Register As Link With Refresh
Repeat Queries
SQL Statements Not Supported by Ingres Star
Terminal Monitor Statements Not Supported by Ingres Star
Standard Catalog Interface
Standard Catalog Interface and Ingres Star
Catalog Formats
The iialt_columns Catalog
The iicolumns Catalog
The iidbcapabilities Catalog
The iidbconstants Catalog
The iihistograms Catalog
The iiindex_columns Catalog
The iiindexes Catalog
The iiintegrities Catalog
The iimulti_locations Catalog
The iipermits Catalog
The iiphysical_tables Catalog
The iiprocedures Catalog
The iiregistered_ objects Catalog
The iiregistrations Catalog
The iistats Catalog
The iitables Catalog
The iiviews Catalog