Table of Contents
Introduction to Auth_PrefManager --  Auth_PrefManager is a simple class to manage user or application preferences from a DB compatible database.
Tutorial --  A short guide to using Auth_PrefManager
constructor Auth_PrefManager::Auth_PrefManager() -- Constructor
Auth_PrefManager::clearCache() -- Cleans out the cache.
Auth_PrefManager::deleteDefaultPref() -- Deletes a preference for the default user.
Auth_PrefManager::deletePref() -- Deletes a preference for the specified user.
Auth_PrefManager::getDefaultPref() --  Retrieves a default value.
Auth_PrefManager::getPref() --  Get a preference.
Auth_PrefManager::setDefaultPref() -- Set the default value for a preference.
Auth_PrefManager::setPref() -- Set a preference.
Auth_PrefManager::setReturnDefaults() --  Set whether to return default values.
Auth_PrefManager::useCache() -- Sets whether the cache should be used.

Provides a framework for managing preferences in applications.