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2X ThinClientOS is a Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution with a small footprint, optimised for remote desktop computing. It features auto-detection capabilities similar to Knoppix. It boots directly to a login manager which, when coupled with the ThinClientServer, redirects users to a remote RDP/ICA/NX desktop. It features kernel 2.4 with Unionfs, XFree86 4.3, rdesktop and nxrun. The distribution can be booted via PXE, CD or installed to a hard disk or flash disk. Updates to the distribution are managed through the ThinClientServer web interface. 2X ThinClientOS requires 2X ThinClientServer to boot up; ThinClientServer is a commercial product, though it is free for up to 5 thin clients.

2X ThinClientOS是基于Debian的GNU/Linux发行,它占用空间小,并且面向远程桌面计算做了优化。它的特色包括类似Knoppix的自检测能力。它直接启动进入登录管理器,在使用ThinClientServer的情况下,管理器能将用户重定向到一份远程的RDP/ICA/NX桌面。它包含2.4内核、Unionfs、XFree86 4.3、rdesktop及nxrun。该发行能通过PXE或光盘引导,还能安装到硬盘或flash磁盘上。该发行的更新包则通过 ThinClientServer的web界面来管理。2X ThinClientOS需要2X ThinClientServer来引导,后者则是一份商业产品,但对至多5个瘦客户端可免费提供。


• 2X ThinClientServer Enterprise Edition / Standard Edition Version 6.0 Manual


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