ACE Tutorial 007
Creating a thread-pool server

In this tutorial, we're going to extend Tutorial 6 to add a third concurrency strategy:  thread-pool.  Like Tutorial 6 did to Tutorial 5, we're going to keep the existing strategies that we've already created and add this one in as a "bonus".  As you'll see, our basic objects will change but not by a whole lot.  To accomplish this, we'll introduce one new major object that helps to abstract the thread pool concept.

Some folks have noted that this tutorial is a bit confusing if you don't first know about ACE_Task. My advice is to give it all a good read a couple of times. If you're still having problems, take a look at the ACE_Task tests in $ACE_ROOT/tests or examples in $ACE_ROOT/examples.

Kirthika's Abstract:

* The additions to this tutorial make use of ACE_Message_Queue which is discussed in depth in Tutorial 10. Feel free to read ahead if you get lost in the message queue stuff.

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