ADIOS - Automated Download and Installation of Operating Systems



ADIOS: Automated Download and Installation of Operating Systems

ADIOS是基于Fedora的自启动运行及安装光盘,它支持User Mode Linux(UML)虚拟机,并带有Linux入侵检测系统(LIDS)和SELinux(Security Enhanced Linux)增强。该光盘包含了KDE桌面环境,它使用了压缩的回环文件系统。

• Development of ADIOS Live CD based on Fedora Core. Includes the creation of startup scripts, kernels, packages and configuration files.
• Development of virtual machine environments, includes User Mode Linux (UML), coLinux, Xen and VServer.
• Development of extensions to easily create 'themed' Live CD/DVDs for special purposes, such as: multilanguage support, mathematical packages, data mining, graphical tools, integrated developement environments, educational software and business applications.
• Development of a Live CD/DVD to support Content Management Systems using Apache, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Drupal, Mambo, Moodle, Mediawiki and Dotproject.


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