Bayanihan Linux

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Bayanihan Linux is a complete open source-based desktop solution for office and school use. It is a package that includes an operating system, a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation software, email facility, an internet browser, and a graphics editor. This complete system is packaged in a single easy-to-install CD. The word "Bayanihan" relates to a Filipino tradition where people in a community help their neighbour in physically moving their house to a different place. The most recent versions of Bayanihan Linux are based on Debian GNU/Linux; previous releases (3.1 and earlier) were based on Fedora Core and Red Hat Linux.

Bayanihan Linux是一份完全基于开放源码的面向办公和学校使用的桌面解决方案。它包括一份操作系统,一个字处理器,电子制表程序,展示软件,电子邮件工具,一个网络浏览器,以及一份图形编辑器。这份完整系统被打包成单张的基于安装的光盘。Bayanihan这个词则源自菲律宾人的一项传统,当有居民要搬家时,同一社区的民众会帮助他们的邻居完成搬迁。