Berkeley DB Reference Guide:
Building Berkeley DB XML for Windows systems


Using Berkeley DB XML on Win32

An application which uses Berkeley DB XML relies on four libraries: Berkeley DB XML, Berkeley DB, Pathan and Xerces C++. When compiling, the include files from these packages must be available, and the libraries must be included when linking the application. The location of the include files and libraries differs between the binary and source code download packages.

When running the application, each of the DLLs must be available in a directory in the PATH. You can achieve this either by copying all of the DLLs into a directory that is already in your PATH, such as windows/system32, or by adding each of the directories containing one of the DLLs to your PATH variable.

Berkeley DB XML Binary Download Package

The binary download package contains include files and prebuilt binaries for Berkeley DB XML, Berkeley DB and Pathan. The include files are in the include directory and the DLLs are in the bin directory.

The binaries have been compiled with the Microsoft Visual C++ version 6 service pack 5 compiler and linked with the multithreaded DLL C runtime. They are in the lib directory:


Berkeley DB XML Source Code Download Package

Once the source code package has been built, the Berkeley DB XML library files are in the build_win32 directory:


Berkeley DB Download Packages

Berkeley DB is not included in the source code download package. Berkeley DB must be downloaded and built per the Berkeley DB XML build instructions. Once built, the Berkeley DB library files can be found here:


Pathan Download Packages

Pathan is not included in the source code download package. Either Pathan binaries or the Pathan source must be downloaded from

In the Pathan binary package, or once the source package is built, the Pathan library can be found here:


Xerces Download Packages

The Xerces library can be downloaded from the website, and is also available either as a binary or source code download package. In all packages, the include files are in the include directory.

In the binary package the library files are:


After building the source code package with Visual C++ 6.0, the library files are:


For Visual C++ .NET the library files are:



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