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BioBrew Linux is an open source Linux distribution based on the NPACI Rocks cluster software and enhanced for bioinformaticists and life scientists. While it looks, feels, and operates like ordinary Red Hat Linux, BioBrew Linux includes popular cluster software e.g. MPICH, LAM-MPI, PVM, Modules, PVFS, Myrinet GM, Sun Grid Engine, gcc, Ganglia, and Globus, *and* popular bioinformatics software e.g. the NCBI toolkit, BLAST, mpiBLAST, HMMER, ClustalW, GROMACS, PHYLIP, WISE, FASTA, and EMBOSS. It runs on everything from notebook computers to large clusters.

BioBrew Linux是一份开源Linux发行,它基于NPACI Rocks cluster软件,并面向bioinformaticists和生命科学家作了增强。尽管它看上去、感受起来及操作起来都像普通的Red Hat Linux,BioBrew Linux包括了流行的机群软件,例如MPICH、LAM-MPI、PVM、Modules、PVFS、Myrinet GM、Sun Grid Engine、gcc、Ganglia、Globus,以及受欢迎的bioinformatics软件,例如NCBI toolkit、BLAST、mpiBLAST、HMMER、ClustalW、GROMACS、PHYLIP、WISE、FASTA、EMBOSS。它可以运行在从笔记本电脑到大型机群的任何平台上。


• Callident Rx User’s Guide (2003)


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