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BLAG is a Linux distribution based on Fedora Core and reduced to one CD. It includes useful applications missing from Fedora Core (e.g. mp3, p2p, apt, etc...), as well as a suite of graphics, Internet, audio, video, office, and peer-to-peer file sharing applications. BLAG is up-to-date with all Fedora errata fixes at time of release and uses synaptic for easy upgrades. The name stands for Brixton Linux Action Group, which works to overthrow corporate control of information and technology through community action and to spread Free Software.

BLAG是一份基于Fedora Core的Linux发行,它被裁减为只有一张光盘的容量。它还包含了Fedora Core中不具备的有价值的应用软件(如mp3、p2p、apt等),以及一套图形、互联网、音频、视频、办公和peer-to-peer文件共享方面的应用。BLAG在发布时按照Fedora的勘误表进行了最新的修正,它采用synaptic来方便地升级。BLAG的名字代表Brixton Linux Action Group,其努力的目标是依靠社区力量在信息技术方面摆脱某些公司的控制,并将自由软件发扬光大。


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