Burapha Linux

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Burapha Linux Server is a free Linux distribution. It is a descendant of Burapha Linux 5.5, which in turn was a descendant of Slackware 10.x. Burapha Linux Server does not have any packages taken directly from Slackware; the project builds their own packages and have their own package manager. The primary purpose of development is for the computer science students to learn the infrastructure of a UNIX system, and to apply the acquired knowledge in research and projects.

Burapha Linux Server是一份自由的Linux发行,它的前身是Burapha Linux 5.5,而这又是Slackware 10.x的延续。Burapha Linux Server并不包含任何直接来自Slackware的软件包;项目组创建他们自己的软件包并拥有他们自己的包管理器。其主要的开发目标是供计算机科学专业的学生学习UNIX系统的基础构造,并将所学知识运用到研究和工程中去。


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