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cAos is a Linux distribution created by the community, for the community. The purpose is to provide a stable RPM based Linux solution for organizations and individuals that do not need or want to purchase their Linux solution or support for it. The kernel and almost every application that makes up a Linux distribution are free and supported by their respective development groups. cAos is simply a project that allows them to integrate together into a usable product.

cAos是一份由社区创建并面向社区的Linux发行。其目的是为团体和个人提供一份基于RPM的稳定的Linux解决方案,而这些消费者并不需要或并不打算购买他们的Linux解决方案或者是服务支持。cAos的内核以及几乎所有构成一份Linux发行的应用软件都是免费的,并由相应的开发团队所支持。 cAos是这样一个简单的项目,它让各种软件集成起来成为一份可用的产品。cAos项目还培养了两份企业级的Linux改造开发:CentOS-2及 CentOS-3,它们基于Redhat Enterprise Linux 2.1及3。该发行致力于成为一份企业级的社区开发产品。


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