Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing is a paradigm in which information is permanently stored in servers on the Internet and cached temporarily on clients that include desktops, entertainment centers, table computers, notebooks, wall computers, handhelds, sensors, monitors, etc.

Applications: Facebook, Google Apps, Salesforce, Microsoft Online

Clients: Android, Chrome, CherryPal, Zonbu

Infrastructure: BitTorrent, EC2, GoGrid, Sun Grid

Platforms: App Engine, Azure, Mosso, SalesForce

Services: Alexa, FPS, MTurk, SQS

Storage: SimpleDB, S3

Standards: Ajax, Atom, HTML 5, REST

Google Cluster Computing

• Google Cluster Computing Module 1: Introduction to Distributed Systems
• Google Cluster Computing Module 2: Student Background Knowledge
• Google Cluster Computing Module 3: Nutch
• Google Cluster Computing Module 4: MapReduce Theory and Algorithms
• Google Cluster Computing Module 5: Hadoop Technical Review
• Google Cluster Computing Module 6: Distributed Filesystems
• Google Cluster Computing Module 7: Other Google Technologies


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