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clusterKNOPPIX is a modified Knoppix distribution using the OpenMosix kernel. Features:

• OpenMosix terminal server - uses PXE, DHCP and tftp to boot linux clients via the network
• No cdrom drive/harddisk/floppy needed for the clients openMosix autodiscovery - new nodes automatically join the cluster (no configuration needed)
• Cluster Management tools - openMosix userland/openMosixview Every node has root access to every other node via ssh/RSAkeys MFS/dfsa support
• Every node can run full blown X (PC-room/demo setup) or console only (more memory available)


• OpenMosix terminal server——使用PXE、DHCP及tftp通过网络来启动Linux客户机
• 客户机不需要光盘、硬盘及软盘驱动器就能执行openMosix自动检测——新节点自动地加入集群(不需要进行配置)
• 集群管理工具——openMosix userland/openMosixview让所有节点拥有对其他节点的根用户访问权限,这通过ssh/RSAkeys MFS/dfsa来支持
• 所有节点可运行完全的blown X(PC-room/demo setup)或者仅仅是控制台(从而可节省出更多的可用内存)


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