Coyote Linux

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Coyote Linux Personal Firewall is a personal firewall distribution of Linux designed for the purpose of protecting a personal or educational network. In addition to being designed to have very low hardware requirements, Coyote Linux is able to provide the performance and uptime that is expected from any Linux based system. This firewall product is licensed for personal and educational use and is available free of charge.

Coyote Linux Personal Firewall是一份个人防火墙Linux发行,用于保护个人或教学网络。除了被设计为具有很低的硬件要求之外,Coyote Linux还能够提供任何基于Linux的系统所能提供的性能及持续运行时间。该防火墙产品授权个人及教学应用,并可免费获取。


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