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1.1 What Is Crystal Entity Layer?

Crystal Entity Layer is a plugin developed to be used in conjunction with Crystal Space. It is designed to make it easier for game developers to create games based on Crystal Space by providing such concepts as entities, properties and behaviours.

Crystal Space is a portable modular 3D SDK, including many components for building various applications and games. For more information on Crystal Space please see the Crystal Space web page.

It is assumed here that you know the basic ideas behind Crystal Space. More specifically you should have a notion about SCF and VFS as those are used a lot in CEL too.

Crystal Entity Layer is still in development. It's development efforts are currently hosted by SourceForge. Anybody wishing to contribute should visit the Crystal Entity Layer project page and SourceForge.

Crystal Entity Layer is free and should remain free. Crystal Entity Layer falls under the GNU copyleft license for libraries (LGPL). A copy of of the LGPL is included in this manual for your perusal. In short, the LGPL allows you to use CrystalSpace as a library in your products, even commercial products, but modifications to the library or derivative works incorporating parts of the library must be made freely available to everyone, under the LGPL's terms.

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