OpenDarwin Project Owner's Guide

When a project is created on OpenDarwin, you get a number of things. In addition to the benefits of having an OpenDarwin account listed above, you will get cvs space, a mailing list, and web space for the project.

Project CVS Area

When a project is created, a directory is created in the OpenDarwin cvsroot. This directory has permissions set up such that only members of your project can commit to your cvs space. The project's directory is in proj/YourProjectName. You can check out code for your project with something like: cvs -d :ext:[email protected]:/Volumes/src/cvs/od co proj/YourProjectName.

Project Mailing Lists

Every project has at least two mailing lists. One mailing list is for the CVS commit messages for the project, and one is intended for discussion on the project's development. Both of these mailing lists are currently run through the MailMan software, and can be administered through a web interface available at

Project Web Area

Every project can have a web page. If you add a www directory to your project's cvs area, anything added to that directory will be put on the web server. Every night, the contents of your project's www directory will be checked out and placed on the web server. The contents will appear at Also, every project hosted by OpenDarwin is listed on the OpenDarwin Projects page. When you create the www directory in your cvs area, a link will be created on that page which points to your project's web area.

Other Needs

OpenDarwin is here to provide you with what you need for your project. If there is anything else we can provide for you, we will do our best. If you need extra mailing lists, extra projects, virtual web hosting (, or anything else, please feel free to mail the core team with your requests. Just let us know what you want and what it'll be for and we'll try to set it up for you.

Available Hosts

OpenDarwin project has the following hosts, with the following tasks assigned to them. These will change from time to time, and please don't depend on their current task. These are being listed so that you know what is available and what it is used for: Also Known As: www, mail, rsync. This is OpenDarwin's main machine. It does the web serving, dns, and mail for the project. OpenDarwin account holders cannot log into this machine with a shell. However, you may sftp to the machine to access your public_html directory. Also Known As: cvs. This is the cvs server. Account holders cannot log into this machine. It is only available for cvs activities. This is the OpenDarwin shell server. Account holders can log in here, do development, and other testing. Although this machine may run other services, such as a web server, this machine is not a hosting machine.