2.4 Installing to Disk from CD

Since the Live CD contains all needed data to create a running DragonFly system, the simplest installation possible is to copy the Live CD data to the newly formatted disk/partition created in previous steps.

These commands mount the newly created disk space and create the appropriate directories on it.

      # mount /dev/ad0s1a /mnt
      # mkdir /mnt/var
      # mkdir /mnt/tmp
      # mkdir /mnt/usr
      # mkdir /mnt/home
      # mount /dev/ad0s1d /mnt/var
      # mount /dev/ad0s1e /mnt/tmp
      # mount /dev/ad0s1f /mnt/usr
      # mount /dev/ad0s1g /mnt/home

cpdup duplicates data from one volume to another. These commands copy data from the Live CD to the newly created directories on the mounted disk. Each step can take some time, depending on disk speed.

      # cpdup / /mnt
      # cpdup /var /mnt/var
      # cpdup /etc /mnt/etc
      # cpdup /dev /mnt/dev
      # cpdup /usr /mnt/usr

Note: Nothing is copied to the /tmp directory that was created in the previous step. This is not an error, since /tmp is intended only for temporary storage.

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