dyne:bolic - a free multimedia studio in a GNU/Linux live CD

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dyne:bolic is a GNU/Linux distribution running from a CD and able to recognise most of your devices and peripherals: sound, video, TV, network cards, firewire, USB devices and more. It is shaped on the needs of media activists, artists and creative individuals, a practical tool for multimedia production. You can manipulate and broadcast both sound and video with tools to record, edit, encode and stream, all using free software!

dyne:bolic是一份从光盘运行的GNU/Linux发行,它能识别大多数的设备及外围接口,包括声音驱动、视频设备、电视卡、网卡、 firewire及USB设备等。它为迎合媒体发烧友、艺术家及富有创造性的个人而设计,是一份面向多媒体创作的实用工具。你可以处理及广播你的音频和视频节目,并且你录制、编辑、编码及流式化这些媒体所使用的工具都依赖于免费的软件!


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