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eAR OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution featuring the advanced, yet simple-to-operate eAR Media Centre. Tune in to TV programs, rip CDs to hard disk in lossless FLAC quality, watch digital TV and DVDs, listen to Internet radio, view photos, or listen to music - all from within an intuitive user interface. The distribution is available in two flavours - either as a freely downloadable "Free" edition, or as a commercial "Enterprise" edition with extra features and performance enhancements.

eAR OS是基于Ubuntu的Linux发行,它的特色在于功能强大且易用的eAR媒体中心。它可以用来接收电视节目,将CD音轨以无损FLAC质量保存到硬盘上,收看数字电视及DVD,收听Internet无线电广播,查看照片,或者收听音乐。这一切都集成到一份直观的用户界面中。该发行提供两种版本,一种是可免费下载的自由版本,另一份是商用的企业版本,后者包含额外组件及性能上的增强。


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