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Ehad is an Israeli project offering a repackaging of standard Mandriva Linux binary packages, in order to provide a single installation CD for Mandriva users in Israel. Ehad intends to provide a useful assortment of applications in a single CD and offers full compatibility with this popular distribution. Ehad users can enjoy all the graphical installation and configuration tools provided by Mandriva, as well as the huge software repositories (including automatic installation capabilities). Ehad has built-in support for Hebrew and English out of the box.

Ehad是来自以色列的项目,它对标准的Mandriva Linux二进制包进行重新装配,以单安装光盘的形式提供给以色列的Mandriva用户。Ehad的目标是在单张光盘上对应用软件进行合理的分类,并提供与广受欢迎的Mandriva发行的完整兼容性。Ehad用户可以享用Mandriva提供的所有图形化安装及配置工具及其丰富的软件仓库(包括自动安装特性)。Ehad还具备对希伯来语和英语的即刻可用的内在支持。


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