ELX Linux

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Project ELX was started in February 2000 in Hyderabad, India. ELX Linux is a product of Everyone's Linux Pvt. Ltd (formerly known as 3T Solutions Pvt Ltd), a highly progressive organisation of young, dynamic and hardworking professionals yearning for perfection. It started with only 15 developers and today a brilliant team of over 25 Linux professionals have been working for ELX. ELX Linux is a fully featured Desktop Operating System with user friendliness as its basic feature. The easy-to-use desktop does not demand any learning curve for a typical Windows user and is very easy to use for a novice in computers. ELX comes with a vast variety of applications starting from word processors compatible with MS Word, other productivity applications like spreadsheets, presentation tools, and also CD burning applications.

ELX项目于2000年2月在印度的海得拉巴启动。ELX Linux是Everyone's Linux Pvt.(先前的名字叫做3T Solutions Pvt)有限公司的产品,该公司拥有一批朝气蓬勃、勤奋刻苦的专业人员,并实行先进的管理方式,工作力求尽善尽美。成立初期公司只有15名开发人员,而今天为ELX工作的则是一个由25名Linux专业人士组成的出色团队。ELX Linux是一套充满特色的桌面操作系统,它以用户友好性作为基本特色。这份易于使用的桌面并不要求一位典型的Windows用户接受什么适应性训练,它对计算机新手也会是非常容易使用的。ELX包含了大量的应用软件,从MS Word兼容的字处理器到其他企业应用如电子制表软件、展示工具以及光盘刻录程序等。


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