Embedded Linux

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Embedded Linux is the use of a Linux operating system in embedded computer systems such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants, media players, set-top boxes, and other consumer electronics devices, networking equipment, machine control, industrial automation, navigation equipment and medical instruments. According to survey conducted by Venture Development Corporation, Linux was used by 18% of embedded engineers.


• Embedded Linux system development training | 文字版 | 下载PDF(605 Pages)
• Linux C编程一站式学习
• Linux with Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs, Mobile Phones and Other Portable Devices
• Linux Palm Developer's Quick Start Guide
• Kodak Digital Camera HOWTO
• Libdc1394 Library Support for IEEE 1394 Cameras HOWTO
• Sat (Satellite Technology) HOWTO
• VoIP Howto
• ELC Platform Specification v1.0  

ELC(Embedded Linux Conference) 2009

• Animated UI technologies in Maemo 5 Fremantle
• BRISA UPnP Framework
• Embedded building tools BOF
• Building embedded Linux systems with Buildroot
• Optimizing Browsing Experience
• Memory A Most Precious Resource
• What is Gstreamer,What is new and simple video editing
• Cooperative Development Inside Communities
• Debugging with JTAG
• Deploying LTTng on Exotic Embedded Architectures
• Distributed Cross Platform Test Automation
• Embedded Linux and the mainline kernel
• Quantitative analysis of system initialization in embedded Linux systems
• Video4Linux: What about Output?
• Embedded Linux on FPGAs for fun and profit
• User Space Dynamic Instrumentation based on kprobe
• Building an Embedded Tools Standard Using Eclipse
• Evaluation of Flash File Systems for Large NAND Flash Memory
• Rebootless kernel updates
• Debugging and profiling embedded Linux/CRIS systems with QEMU
• Superpages Revisted:Transparent Application of Large TLBs on Embedded Systems
• Security BoF
• Top 3 pains in professional use of bitbake
• A Linux multimedia platform for SH-Mobile processors
• eLinux Wiki BOF
• Update on filesystems for flash storage
• Framework for digital camera in linux
• Maemo 5 Fremantle alpha SDK
• Linux on PowerPC Porting Guide
• A Linux in Military Telecom Field Guide
• Linux in military telecom
• Interrupt Threads in Linux
• SONY Kprobes and Systemtap Status
• Understanding and writing an LLVM compiler back-end
• Musings on Analysis of Measurements of a Real-Time Workload
• Some new tricks for better performance in MIPS-Linux
• Runtime Power Management on SuperH Mobile
• Security Issues for Embedded Devices
• System Size BOF
• smem: understanding memory usage
• Ubuntu ARM
• User-Space, Multi-Core Development Issues


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