Epidemic GNU/Linux

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Epidemic GNU/Linux is a Brazilian desktop Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux. Its main features are the KDE desktop, easy-to-use installer, 3D desktop features with CompizFusion, use of the GFXBoot bootloader, out-of-the-box support for numerous proprietary and non-free kernel drivers, and support for a variety of media codecs.

Epidemic GNU/Linux是一份来自巴西的桌面Linux发行,它基于Debian GNU/Linux。其主要特色在于KDE桌面,易于使用的安装程序,包含CompizFusion的3D桌面特性,GFXBoot启动引导程序,对很多种私有及非自由内核驱动的即刻可用的支持,以及对各种多媒体编码解码器的支持。


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