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During LinuxTag 2004 the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the company credativ unveiled the Linux Government Desktop. The Linux Goverment Desktop has been developed within the scope of the project ERPOSS which evaluates Open Source Software in government environments. Composed entirely of free software the distribution is available as a live CD as well as an install CD. One of the highlights brought by the Government Desktop is the fact that it saves the whole data on encrypted filesystems. Furthermore KMail is preconfigured to send and receive encrypted e-mail (GnuPG and S/MIME) and to make use of all kinds of authority certificates. The package is completed by integrated spam and virus protection and a preconfigured personal firewall.

在LinuxTag 2004上,德国联邦信息安全办公室(BSI)及credativ公司首次展示了他们的Linux Government Desktop。这份Linux Government Desktop隶属于ERPOSS项目而开发,后者则对政府环境下的开放源码软件进行评估。这份发行完全由自由软件组成,它可以以单张自启动Linux光盘或是一张安装盘的形式获得。Government Desktop的亮点之一是它将所有的数据都存储于加密的文件系统上。进一步,KMail被预先配置为收发加密的电子邮件(GnuPG and S/MIME),并对各种各样的授权证书进行利用。该软件包还通过集成垃圾邮件及病毒防范功能得到完善,它还带有一个预配置的个人防火墙。


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