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Euronode is a set of Debian GNU/Linux-based distributions, which transform a simple computer into a high-performance server or router in a few minutes. Euronode scripts automate the process of installation and configuration: auto-detection of devices, partitioning, automatic installation, and auto-configuration of the system and services. The Euronode project provides three product branches: "Minimal Woody" (basic debootstrap); "Simple DSL/cable Firewall" (a simple and secure Internet connection sharing with auto-detection of ethernet and USB modems) and "Advanced DSL/cable Firewall" (Simple Firewall + anti-virus + anti-spam + home web hosting).

Euronode是一套基于Debian GNU/Linux的发行,它能在几分钟内把一台普通的计算机改造成一台高性能的服务器或者是路由器。Euronode的脚本能自动完成系统的安装和配置:硬件设备检测、硬盘分区、自动安装、自动配置系统及服务。Euronode项目提供了三份产品:“Minimal Woody”(基本的引导装入),“Simple DSL/cable Firewall”(简单而安全的Internet连接,带有以太网及USB调制解调器自动检测),“Advanced DSL/cable Firewall”(基本的防火墙 + 反病毒 + 反垃圾邮件 + 家庭web网站功能)。


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