EzPlanet One Linux

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EzPlanet One Linux is a Fedora-based Linux distribution tuned for enterprise solutions. EzPlanet One integrates advanced technologies, flexibility, high availability, security, quality. Built with the enterprise in mind, it features also several tools for the professionals and individual users that make its use more fun. Most of the latest advances in technologies available for Linux have been included in the EzPlanet One distribution. For example it supports most wireless network adapters, including those that do not have specific Linux drivers. EzPlanet One is ready to be used for your server infrastructure and your desktop clients. Quality is the secret of a robust and unbreakable foundation for the technical architect, with the tools and the ease of use to suit system administrators, bank managers, personal assistants, chief financial officers and beginners.

EzPlanet One Linux是基于Fedora的面向企业解决方案的定制的Linux发行。EzPlanet One集成了先进的技术、灵活性、高可用性、安全性及可靠质量。它面向企业应用而被创建,它也包含了一些面向专业及个人用户的工具以使它充满乐趣。 Linux上可用技术的多数最新进展都被包含进EzPlanet One发行。例如,它支持多数无线网卡,甚至包括没有专门Linux驱动的那些。EzPlanet One已为你的服务器基础设施及桌面客户就绪。一份鲁棒坚固的技术架构基础,其秘密就在于质量,以及面向系统管理员、银行经理、个人助理、首席财政官及新手的工具和易用性。


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