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FaunOS is a portable, fully integrated Linux operating system with over 600 pre-installed packages. Based on Arch Linux, it is specifically designed to run from a portable USB memory device (such as a USB Flash drive). It can also be configured to boot from other media, such as DVD, and even the internal hard drive. FaunOS is a live desktop system designed to run without setup on most modern x86-based systems.

FaunOS是一份便携式高度集成化的Linux操作系统,它包含600多个预安装软件包。基于Arch Linux,它被专门设计为从便携式USB记忆设备(例如USB闪存盘)运行。它还可配置为从其他媒质引导,例如DVD甚至硬盘。FaunOS是一份自运行桌面系统,它被设计为在多数的现代化x86系统上无需安装即可运行。


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