Fermi Linux

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Fermi Linux LTS (Long Term Support) is a site distribution based on Scientific Linux, which is in essence Red Hat Enterprise Linux, recompiled. It is Scientific Linux with Fermilab's security hardening and customised configurations to allow an administrator to install Fermi Linux and have the machine meet Fermilab's security requirements with little or no extra configuration. Since Fermi Linux LTS is based on Scientific Linux, it shares it's goal that if a program runs and is certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, then it will run on the corresponding Fermi Linux LTS release.

Fermi Linux LTS(Long Term Support)是基于Scientific Linux的发行,它本质上是一份重新编译的Red Hat Enterprise Linux。它在Scientific Linux上进行了Fermilab的安全性加固和定制的配置,以允许系统管理员以很小或无需额外的配置工作来安装Fermi Linux并使机器达到Fermilab的安全性要求。由于Fermi Linux LTS基于Scientific Linux,它共享了后者的目标:在Red Hat Enterprise Linux上运行并得到认证的程序也能在Fermi Linux LTS相应的发行中运行。


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