A.8 rsync Sites

The following sites make FreeBSD available through the rsync protocol. The rsync utility works in much the same way as the rcp(1) command, but has more options and uses the rsync remote-update protocol which transfers only the differences between two sets of files, thus greatly speeding up the synchronization over the network. This is most useful if you are a mirror site for the FreeBSD FTP server, or the CVS repository. The rsync suite is available for many operating systems, on FreeBSD, see the net/rsync port or use the package.

Czech Republic


Available collections:

  • ftp: A partial mirror of the FreeBSD FTP server.

  • FreeBSD: A full mirror of the FreeBSD FTP server.



Available collections:

  • freebsd-cvs: The full FreeBSD CVS repository.

This machine also mirrors the CVS repositories of the NetBSD and the OpenBSD projects, among others.



Available collections:

  • vol/3/freebsd-core: A full mirror of the FreeBSD FTP server.

United Kingdom


Available collections:

  • ftp.FreeBSD.org: A full mirror of the FreeBSD FTP server.

United States of America


This server may only be used by FreeBSD primary mirror sites.

Available collections:

  • FreeBSD: The master archive of the FreeBSD FTP server.

  • acl: The FreeBSD master ACL list.


Available collections:

  • FreeBSD: A full mirror of the FreeBSD FTP server.

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