Shared variables

Shared variables are variables that are defined for all templates. You can add shared variables to the configuration with the setSharedVariable methods:

Configuration cfg = new Configuration();
cfg.setSharedVariable("wrap", new WrapDirective());
cfg.setSharedVariable("company", "Foo Inc.");  // Using ObjectWrapper.DEFAULT_WRAPPER  

In all templates that use this configuration, an user-defined directive with name wrap and a string with name company will be visible in the data-model root, so you don't have to add them to the root hash again and again. A variable in the root object that you pass to the Template.process will hide the shared variable with the same name.


Never use TemplateModel implementation that is not thread-safe for shared variables, if the configuration is used by multiple threads! This is the typical situation for Servlet based Web sites.

Due to backward compatibility heritage, the set of shared variables is initially (i.e., for a new Configuration instance) not empty. It contains the following user-defined directives (they are "user-defined" in the sense that you use @ to call them instead of #):

name class
capture_output freemarker.template.utility.CaptureOutput
compress freemarker.template.utility.StandardCompress
html_escape freemarker.template.utility.HtmlEscape
normalize_newlines freemarker.template.utility.NormalizeNewlines
xml_escape freemarker.template.utility.XmlEscape
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