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FreeSBIE is a live system on CD, or an operating system that is able to load directly from a bootable CD, without any installation process, without any hard disk. It's based on the FreeBSD operating system. FreeSBIE project goals are mainly two: to develop a suite of programs to be used to create your own CD, with all the personalisations you like, and to make various ISO images available, maybe each one with different goals and possible uses. The project is developed by the main Italian FreeBSD User Group: GUFI.

FreeSBIE是一份基于光盘的自运行系统,或者说是一份能够从一张可启动光盘直接引导的操作系统,这不需要任何的安装过程,也不需要硬盘。它基于 FreeBSD操作系统。FreeSBIE项目的目标主要有二:开发一套能够用于创建你自己的、带有所有你喜欢的个人定制的CD的程序;制作各种各样的 ISO镜像,而且这当中可能每一个都带有不同的目标和可能的用途。该项目由意大利主要的FreeBSD用户组织GUFI开发。


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