FTOSX Desktop

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FTOSX is the natural next generation UNIX/Linux-based operating System. Based on GNU/Linux, but following its UNIX inheritance, FTOSX offers a fresh, innovative and simple approach because is designed specially for the masses. FTOSX is a RPM-based operating system (based on Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core) and therefore similar to popular Linux distributions. FTOSX offers more than 1,000 software packages redesigned in an harmonically form in its graphical interface, FTGUIX.

FTOSX号称为下一代的基于UNIX/Linux的操作系统。以GNU/Linux为基础,同时又传乘自UNIX,FTOSX提供一套新颖的、创造性的并且是简洁的方法,因为它专门面向群众而设计。FTOSX是以RPM为基础的操作系统(基于Red Hat Linux和Fedora Core),因此与流行的Linux发行类似。FTOSX提供有一千多份软件包,且重新设计为与它的图形界面FTGUIX相协调。


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