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GeeXboX is a full operating system, running under Linux and based on the excellent MPlayer. No need of hard drive, you just have to put the GeeXboX bootable CD into the CD-Drive of any pentium-class computer to boot it. Moreover, GeeXboX is a free software, created thanks to many open-source software. This means that everyone can modify it and build his own release of the GeeXboX. You may wonder why you could have to boot on another operating system to play your media files, but just think about the Mini-ITX plateforms like VIA Epia/Eden or Shuttle barebones. It's now affordable to bring DivX to your home cinema, plugging this kind of computers directly to your TV. At the time of the first development release (December 2002), it was only able to play DivX movies, but for now, nearly every kind of media files can be played from GeeXboX.

GeeXboX是一份完整的操作系统,它运行Linux内核并基于出色的软件MPlayer。它不需要硬盘,你只要把GeeXboX可启动光盘插入任何一台奔腾级计算机的光驱就能引导之。此外,GeeXboX是自由的软件,它的诞生要感谢许许多多的开源软件。这意味着任何人都可以修改它并且创建他自己的 GeeXboX发布。你可能会奇怪,为什么要选择引导进另外一种操作系统以播放你的媒体文件呢?但是,请想像一下那些Mini-ITX平台,例如VIA Epia/Eden或者Shuttle barebones吧。现在可以把DivX带进你的家庭影院,把这类计算机变成你的电视机。在首个开发版本释出时(2002年十二月),它还只能播放 DivX电影,但现在,几乎所有的媒体文件都能在GeeXboX里播放了


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