gLite - EGEE’s Next Generation Grid Middleware

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For any Grid computing effort, middleware is a crucial component. For EGEE, it was decided that a two-phase approach would be the best way forward. Originally, EGEE used middleware based on work from its predecessor, the European DataGrid (EDG) project, later developed into the LCG middleware stack, which was used on the EGEE infrastructure early in the project. In parallel, EGEE has developed and re-engineered most of this middleware stack into a new middleware solution, gLite, now being deployed on the pre-production service. The gLite stack combines low level core middleware with a range of higher level services.

Distributed under a business friendly open source license, gLite integrates components from the best of current middleware projects, such as Condor and the Globus Toolkit, as well as components developed for the LCG project. The product is a best-of-breed, low level middleware solution, compatible with schedulers such as PBS, Condor and LSF, built with interoperability in mind and providing foundation services that facilitate the building of Grid applications from all fields.


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