Implementation files

The implementation classes of the services in the tutorial can be found in the following package:

Inside this package there is a subpackage for each part of the tutorial (currently only core and security). Then, inside each of these subpackages there is one sub-sub-package for each example in that part of the tutorial. For example, let's take the very first example in the tutorial. Since that particular example is the "first" service in the "GT3 Core" part of the tutorial, the implementation classes are placed inside this package:

This will be the base package for this example. In general, the base package will have the following format:<part>.<example>

For example, the base package for the "delegation" example of the "GT3 Security Services" part is The directory corresponding to that base package would be:


This is the directory where we'll place all the service's files:

Base package directory
  |-- server-deploy.wsdd   ----->  Deployment descriptor file
  |-- impl/                ----->  Implementation classes
  |-- config/              ----->  Security configuration files