Step 5: Deploy the service into a grid services container

The GAR file, as mentioned in the previous page, contains all the files and information the web server needs to deploy the Grid Service. Deployment is also done with the Ant tool, which unpacks the GAR file and copies the files within (WSDL, compiled stubs, compiled implementation, WSDD) into key locations in the GT3 directory tree. It also reads our deployment descriptor and configures the web server to take our new Grid Service into account.

This deployment command must be run from the root of your GT3 installation. Furthermore, you need to run it with a user that has write permission in that directory.

ant deploy<full path of GAR file>

For the GAR file we've just created, this would be:

ant deploy \$TUTORIAL_DIR/build/lib/org_globus_progtutorial_services_core_first.gar

Deployment is really as simple as that! That also concludes the five steps necessary to write and deploy a Grid service. However, although you're probably beaming with pride because you've deployed your first Grid Service, you'll certainly want to make sure that it works. We'll try out our recently deployed service using a very simple client application.