Installing the CA Distribution Package

You only need to read this page if you are planning on requesting certificates to the SimpleCA we just installed from another machine. If you are going to run all the examples from one machine, you can safely skip this page.

To request certificate from another machine, we need to install our CA's distribution package in that machine. This package is creating during the CA's installation. In fact, let's take a look at another message which is output at the end of the installation procedure:

The distribution package built for this CA is stored in


This file must be distributed to any host wishing to request
certificates from this CA.

That file is the distribution package (please note that the hash code, 24d355a5, will probably be different in your machine). You need to copy that file to the machine where you'll be making the requests and, using a user with write permissions in $GLOBUS_LOCATION, run the following:

$GLOBUS_LOCATION/sbin/gpt-build globus_simple_ca_HASH_setup-0.13.tar.gz

Once the distribution package has been built, you'll need to run the setup script to complete the installation: