Configuring gridmap authorization

To configure a service to use gridmap authorization, we need to modify the authorization parameters in the WSDD file, which will now have the following value: gridmap. We also need to add a new parameter called gridmap which points to the gridmap file. Our WSDD file could look something like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<deployment name="defaultServerConfig" xmlns=""

  <service name="tutorial/security/gridmap/MathFactoryService" provider="Handler" style="wrapped">

    <!-- ... -->

    <parameter name="authorization" value="gridmap"/>
    <parameter name="gridmap" value="gridmapfile"/>

    <!-- ... -->



This file is $TUTORIAL_DIR/org/globus/progtutorial/services/security/gridmap/server-deploy.wsdd

Since paths in the WSDD file are relative to $GLOBUS_LOCATION we can simply write gridmapfile as the value of the gridmap parameter to refer to $GLOBUS_LOCATION/gridmapfile. Should the gridmap file be outside the $GLOBUS_LOCATION directory tree, then you should include a complete (absolute) path.