Testing the gridmap

We'll give the service a try with the same client used in the previous chapters: $TUTORIAL_DIR/org/globus/progtutorial/clients/MathService/ClientGSIConvEncrypt.java

If you haven't already done so, compile the client:

javac \
-classpath ./build/classes/:$CLASSPATH \

Now, run the client from your user account (in my case, the borja account):

java \
-classpath ./build/classes/:$CLASSPATH \
org/globus/progtutorial/clients/MathService/ClientGSIConvEncrypt \ \

You should get a pretty normal output:

Added 5
Current value: 5

However, try to run it from any other account (for example, the globus account). You will get this nasty little error:

Gridmap authorization failed:
peer "/O=Globus/OU=GT3 Tutorial/CN=Globus 3 Administrator" not in gridmap file.

The error message speaks for itself: Since the user running the client is not in the gridmap file, it has been denied access to the server.