About the author & acknowledgments

The Globus Toolkit 4 Programmer's Tutorial is written and maintained by Borja Sotomayor, a Ph.D. student at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. You can find out more about me in my UofC personal page.


This tutorial can hardly be considered a one-person effort. The following people have, in one way or another, helped to make the GT3 Tutorial a reality:

  • Lisa Childers

  • Rebeca Cortazar

  • Ian Foster

  • Leon Kuntz (in memoriam)

  • Jesus Marco

  • All the Globus gurus who have reviewed the tutorial on countless occasions

Last, but certainly not least, a lot of readers have helped to improve the tutorial by reporting bugs and typos, as well as making very constructive comments and suggestions:

Balamurali Ananthan, Sebastien Barre, Thomas Becker, Luther Blake, Robert M. Bram, Javier Cano, Paulo Cortes, Jun Ebihara, Qin Feng, Luis Ferreira, Fernando Fraticelli, Anders Keldsen, Britt Johnston, Steve Mock, Elizabeth Post, Philippe Prados, Michael Schneider, Shiva Shankar Chetan, Nelson Sproul, Ian Stokes-Rees, Jason Young, Matthew Vranicar, James Werner

If you've reported a bug, typo, or helped out in any way, and you are not listed here, please do let me know!