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A product sponsored by the Free Software Foundation, gNewSense is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution released without any proprietary and non-free components, and several enhancements. Notably, all proprietary firmware, restricted modules and Ubuntu logos are removed, while the "Universe" repository is enabled by default and several GNU applications, such as Emacs and development libraries, as well as bsdgames and NetHack, are included in the default installation. The goal of the project is to produce a totally free (libre) Linux distribution.

作为一份由自由软件基金会赞助的产品,gNewSense是基于Ubuntu的Linux发行,它发布时包含了一些改进,但不包含任何私有或非自由的组件。特别地,所有的私有固件、受限制的模块、Ubuntu的徽标,都被移除了,而“Universe”软件仓库缺省被选中,一些GNU应用软件如 Emacs和开发库,以及bsdgames和NetHack,都被包含在缺省安装中。该计划的目标是创建一份完全自由的Linux发行。


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