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1.2 Features

`KSBA' has a couple of advantages over other libraries doing a similar job, and over open coding the protocols in your application directly.

It's Free Software
Anybody can use, modify, and redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public License (see Copying).
It hides the low level stuff
`KSBA' a high level interface to the implemented protocols and presents the data in a consistent way. There is no more need to worry about all the nasty details of the protocols. The API gives the C programmer a more usual way of interacting with the data.
It copes with the version details
X.509 protocols tend to have many different versions and dialects. Applications must usually cope with all of this and it has to be coded over and over again. `KSBA' hides this by providing just one API which does the Right Thing. Support for new versions and features of the protocols will be added over time.