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GoboLinux is a Linux distribution that breaks away from the historical UNIX directory hierarchy. Basically, this means that there are no directories such as /usr and /etc. The main idea of the alternative hierarchy is to store all files belonging to an application in its own separate subtree; therefore we have directories such as /Programs/GCC/2.95.3/lib. To allow the system to find these files, they are logically grouped in directories such as /System/Links/Executables, which, you guessed it, contains symbolic links to all executable files inside the Programs hierarchy. To maintain backwards compatibility with traditional Unix/Linux apps, there are symbolic links that mimic the Unix tree, such as "/usr/bin -> /System/Links/Executables", and "/sbin -> /System/Links/Executables" (this example shows that arbitrary differentiations between files of the same category were also removed).

GoboLinux是一份特殊的Linux发行,它打破了具有历史传统的Unix目录结构。简单地说,这意味着它不具有像/usr和/etc这样的目录。改变这种结构的主要思想是把与一个应用有关的所有文件都放到它自己单独的子目录树下,所以,我们就有了诸如/Programs/GCC/2.95.3 /lib这样的目录。为了让系统能找到这些文件,它们在/System/Links/Executables这样的目录下按逻辑归组,你也许已猜出,它们包含了Programs目录树下所有可执行文件的符号链接。为了向后兼容传统的Unix/Linux应用程序,我们也提供了模仿Unix目录树的符号链接,例如“usr/bin -> /System/Links/Executables”以及“/sbin -> /System/Links/Executables”,这个例子也说明,同种类文件之间那些不确定的差别也被消除了。


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