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Grafpup Linux is a desktop Linux operating system based closely on Puppy Linux. Its goal is to be as useful to graphic designers and other imaging professionals as possible while still remaining extremely small and fast. Grafpup is a live CD of only 75MB with current versions of GIMP, Cinepaint, Inkscape, and Scribus. Grafpup is also very user-friendly, with wizards for doing most system tasks like connecting to the internet and installing to hard disk or USB drive. There is also a powerful package management system, "pupget", with a very extensive and ever increasing list of additional packages available for easy installation.

Grafpup Linux是一份基于Puppy Linux的桌面Linux操作系统。它的主要目标是尽可能地对图形设计师及其他图像专家们有所帮助,同时,保持非常的小巧和快捷。Grafpup是一张仅有75MB的自启动运行光盘,它包含了GIMP、Cinepaint、Inkscape、Scribus的当前版本。Grafpup还非常的友好,它带有执行多数系统任务的向导,例如连接到因特网、安装到硬盘或是USP驱动器。它还拥有一份强大的包管理系统叫“pupget”,以及一套广泛且不断增长的附加软件包表单可用于便捷的安装。


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