Honeywall CDROM

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Honeywall CDROM is a CentOS-based distribution with the goal of capturing the activities of cyber threats and analysing the captured data. It has a GUI-based interface for system configuration, administration, and data analysis, and supports the new 3.x branch of Sebek. The CD, release under the General Public License, is a product of the Honeynet Project, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the security of the Internet by providing cutting-edge research for free.

Honeywall CDROM是基于CentOS的发行,其目标是用来捕获网络空间中各种威胁的具体行为,并能对捕获的数据加以分析。它拥有图形用户界面,用于系统配置、管理、数据分析,并支持Sebek的3.x新分支。该光盘遵循公用许可证发布,它是Honeynet的一个产品,Honeynet则是一个非盈利性组织,它致力于通过免费提供最新的研究成果来增强互联网络的安全性。


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