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Impi Linux is a complete desktop operating system based on the Ubuntu operating system. Impi Linux focuses on providing operating platform solutions which cater for the needs of private sector and government users of all sizes, where stability, security and scalability are of utmost importance. Impi Linux is fully compatible with Ubuntu, meaning that any one of the 14,000 software packages available in the Ubuntu "Universe" repository can be loaded onto any Impi Linux distribution at any time.

Impi Linux是一份完整的桌面操作系统,它基于Ubuntu。Impi Linux聚焦于提供能满足各种规模私营部门及政府用户需求的操作平台解决方案,并以稳定性、安全性、可扩展性作为最重要的方面。Impi Linux与Ubuntu完全兼容,这意味着Ubuntu“Universe”软件仓库14000份软件包的任何一个都可以随时载入到任何Impi Linux发行中。


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